An Artist's View


All are oil studies painted outdoors in Plein Air. They are framed and ready to hang. The price is $150.00 each. 

Hay Bales

What is fall without hay bales. I found the bales on Old Massey Ranch Road, Pearland, TX.

11"x 12 1/2 " Old Massey Ranch Road 1

11"x 12 1/2 " Old Massey Ranch Road 2

12"x 12 1/2" Old Massey Ranch Road 3

Spring Wildflowers at the Nature Center

This spring, I painted the wildflowers at Pearland's Nature Center. There was an over abundance of pink evening primroses. I think of primroses as the "bluebonnets" of Pearland. Not that long ago, when Pearland was mostly rice fields and pasture land, the fields looked like a sea of pink cotton candy. Now they are relegated to the ditches and alleyways....and, of course, Pearland's Nature Center. 

11"x 14" Evening Primroses

10"x 14 1/2" Coreopsis and Evening Primroses

11"x 12 3/4"  Coreopsis at the Nature Center

 For Purchase: Contact  sjderrick@gmail.com or 
Call   281-830-4451 


Mornings with Grandma

Pictured is Emma my granddaughter. We sometimes spend mornings together. On these occasions, we build stages for performances, swimming pools with cabanas, and caves for unicorns. We build our fantasies out of colored paper, cardboard, and scotch tape. Of course, with all of this building, we get hungry. So strawberry and chocolate donuts is a must to sustain all of this activity. 

Tinged with a touch of envy, It is enjoyable watching a child dream. To go to a place where flowers truly do become fashion statements. 


Silver Sable German Shepherd



Super Sally

Sometimes we make the wrong assumptions. She was playful, gentle, and patient  


Colby's Charolais Fred

Handsome Fred is huge, but also sweet. This is due to a lot of pampering. This is reasonable because what is there not to like about Fred.


Using Strathmore Bristol Vellum

Graphite on Strathmore Bristol Vellum
If someone mentions graphite used as a medium for artwork, I always think of artist/illustrator Paul Calle. Although he worked in other mediums, he did amazing works using graphite. I always thought his style, with its controlled, directional strokes, was unique. He also used bristol board frequently for many of his graphite illustrations. 
So I thought that I would give it a try. 

Charcoal on Strathmore Bristol 
This is an example of charcoal used on Strathmore Bristol Vellum.